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Exploring New Frontiers in TDM and Toxicology

The support of our industry partners is essential to the success of the conference and your commitment through sponsorship would be much appreciated.

We anticipate that 500 delegates from more than 20 countries will attend this meeting. We encourage you to consider the sponsorship opportunities for this conference.

Attendees will come from the disciplines of clinical biochemistry, pharmacy, environmental toxicology, occupational medicine, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, analytical toxicology, and the forensic sciences.

You will have opportunities to introduce your company’s products and services to the decision-makers in the fields of therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs of abuse testing, forensic toxicology, and pharmacogenetics.

These professionals want to make the most informed decision possible. Don’t miss this opportunity to support IATDMCT and strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones by becoming a sponsor of the IATDMCT Congress.